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  About us 24.04.2019 20:02 (UTC)

Our Fanclub

The Lukas „Luki“ Hlava Fanclub was found in January 2008 and there are 15 members.
Our main interest is cheering Lukas up during his competitions.
And therefore no competition is too far away.
We want to support and motivate him and for that we make up special operations
For example:
Harrachov 2008
A present for Lukas (there he got the mascot “Luki”)
Liberec 2008
Fanclubmeeting with Lukas
Of course we’ll keep our creativity in the future and your ideas are welcome, too.

How do you like that?
If you want to cheer up “Luki” too and have fun with us, feel free to drop us a line.

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